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Web development

Our competences include web platform development and building databases for implementation of the needed features in mobile apps: setting up business processes and business logic, data management, administration and statistics analysis.

Why us?

Why 145 companies in 23 counties around the wolrd have chosen us

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  • ProjectingProjecting
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Before starting to create a web platform, we analyse the target audience and identify key personalities, as well as their goals and aims. Based on that data we define and prioritize the features of the system being developed. Result — a list of functional abilities of the web platform.

Project team:

The team working on a web platform consists of the project manager, designers, web developers and analysts. We never outsource work, the whole team is full-time and has full access to other team members and company’s resources. We have gathered the strongest system architects and backend developers that ensure fast and trouble-free product performance. Our frontend and UX specialists will pack the product in a nice packaging.

Average ballpark project costs


Minimum Viable
Product (MVP)


Mid-size project



Middle-level website with page nesting
Custom features for the project’s needs



An advertisement portal for buying, selling and renting apartments, houses, land, and commercial properties


User-friendly website for the MAZ automotive dealer in the city of Perm

Victoria Asinovsky

Informative personal website for the renowned Houston-based photographer

Spy Remover

A desktop application that detects and deletes unwanted ads, viruses, malware software and spy scripts


A website that allows to buy or rent a surfboard and find an ideal surfing spot

Request for proposal

Call us +1 832 993 0204 or fill in the form below.
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Контактное лицо
Vadim Streltsov
Key Account Manager

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What happens after sending the request:
call you back – gather data – do research – present the project – start.
Answer back immediately. Proposal takes few days.
Personal imposition or Skype conferences are compulsory.