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Web service

A web service provides the maximum user engagement and interaction at different levels. It is a fully-fledged multifunctional web platform that allows to automate business processes and implement large-scale ideas, e.g., social networks, CRM-systems, etc.

Interactive website

A web platform with extended structure and functionality, which enables users to interact with the website. The number of pages depends on the required functional capacities of the site.

Business card website

Contains basic information about the company services and outlines its main activities. The business card website is an informational platform that is used to promote business on the Internet. It usually consists of 5-10 screens and provides minimal interaction with the user.

Landing page

A one-page website that helps to attract potential customers and encourages users to take action, e.g., download an app or buy a product.


A virtual fitting room project for one of the largest Russian retail chains “Mega”.

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The first decentralized messenger in the world, based on neural networks with an AI chat feature.

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A fast and easy-to-navigate single-page website for real estate services.

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A messenger for business communications.


A web platform for drivers that connects them with repair shops.


A SaaS product for the U.S. real estate market.

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Our portfolio

Number of pages

The number of pages and functionality of the future website determine the time and final cost of the project.

Design complexity

The volume and complexity of work determine the design cost. Depending on the style you prefer, we can make a minimalistic design or create custom illustrations and animations to make your web platform stand out.

Third-party services integration

Integrating third-party APIs enables you to embed maps, payment systems, social networks and many other services in your website without the need to develop them from scratch.


Every chat feature, e.g., online/offline mode, audio/video message recording, deleting/editing messages is written separately and makes the chat more comfortable to use.


Streaming is on-demand live delivering of audio and video information, which can be used for different purposes from live video chats to educational webinars. It is a complex feature, that needs specific server preparation.

High load server

One of the main indicators reflecting the platform productivity is its ability to maintain stable work with a large number of users simultaneously using the website.


The rating system helps users to choose a product or services and increases their trust in the company.

Advanced administration panel

An admin board with extended functionality, which includes analytics, reporting, payment control and other options.

Our principles

The end user is our priority

We analyze our customers’ business and the market needs and make the website focusing on the end users.

Thought-out website usability

We pay specific attention to creating attractive and intuitive user interfaces which will enable the user to navigate through the platform easily and will leave a positive first impression.

Complex quality control system

We check the product quality at each stage of development using various tools and testing approaches.

Personal approach to every customer

We love our clients and care about the quality of delivered work and effective communication between the product team and the customer.

How we work








Website development begins with analyzing the target audience and setting goals for the project. Based on the obtained information we define main system features and arrange them in order of priority.


At this point, we define database structures and create pages’ prototypes, representing the content of the future website. You will be able to see how the site will work before the development stage.


We develop a concept defining the visual direction of the future website (color palette, styles of graphical elements, fonts, etc.) and create the navigation layout.


At this stage, our developers start working on the frontend and backend development, write structured code, which ensures efficient and error-free operation of the website.


We pay special attention to the quality of our software products. Our QA team will check that the website is working equally well on all electronic devices.


We monitor the site after its launch to react timely to possible problems and ensure its trouble-free operation.

Result – a strategy for the website design and development.
Result – an interactive website prototype.
Result – detailed design mockups of the website.
Result – the program code of the web platform.
Result – the bug and error free website.
Result – a stable and smoothly functioning web platform.

Why our customers trust us

Large experience creating websites – we have over 100 completed projects in different industries.

Flexible approach to the development process.

Transparent and detailed project evaluation.

Product testing at every stage of the implementation process.

Ability to communicate with the development team.

Free Project Management and QA services.

Opportunity to control the project at all development stages.


Website development is a complex and time-consuming process. We prepared the most frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to understand how it works. If you have any further questions or would like to tell us about your project, сall us: +1 832 993 02 04


How do you protect the confidentiality of the website idea until its launch?

We sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with all our customers and employees to ensure the confidentiality of the ideas.


How do I pay for the completed work?

At the beginning, we plan the stages of the website development with the client. The customers make an advanced payment for the first period (usually for two weeks ahead) and then pay at the end of each step.


Do you only implement projects from scratch or can you help me finish the website if I have design or part of the development ready?

We can jump to your project at any development stage. If you already have the design made, we will build the web platform for you and if you have your a of developers we will only create the design. In case, you have a partially developed web product, we will review the code and continue its implementation. If your project is complete, our QA team can conduct all sorts of tests and fix the bugs.


Are your developers in-house employees or remote workers (subcontracted freelancers)?

All our 100+ employees are working in our office and are employed according to the labor legislation. You can visit us, meet the developers in person and see our work in real time.


Can you explain the process of website development?

During the first stage, we make wireframes and mockups and implement the website based on the completed design.
To make the implementation flexible, we use such development approaches as Agile and SCRUM – under these methods the development process is divided into short sprints. Our stack for website development is React and Angular for the frontend; Node.js, Python and Go – for the backend. We also apply IaaS and PaaS cloud services.
We prioritize the quality of our products, so we write Unit-tests and test the website at every stage of development.


How can I control the development process from my side?

You can control the quality and timing of the project remotely. We will provide you an online-access to the project management system, where you will be able to see the progress on the ongoing tasks.
You will also have an opportunity to check the developers’ work through the time-tracker – a system which automatically takes a screenshot of the desktop every 10 minutes.


I don’t want to control the development process and don’t know anything about SCRUM, how can I track the progress of my project?

In this case, our Project Management team will take the full control over the implementation process and report on the results. Our approach will allow you to know about the bottlenecks of the future project and learn about the possible increases in the timing & cost of development in advance.

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