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Virtual reality technologies

We develop VR projects, create 3D models and animate characters using motion-capture technologies for films, video games and businesses. Find out about the many worlds of Virtual Reality and its limitless capabilities!

Visualization of business

We’ll visualize your business and push up sales by using innovational technologies.

  • Virtual reality
  • 3D modelling
  • Motion-capture

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality helps to bring the most outstanding ideas and projects to life. This is a whole world with a huge potential that has been already noticed by architects, marketers, designers, game developers and film directors. Some present their projects to clients using virtual reality, others create fictional worlds that any regular person can become a part of. Whether it is travelling the world without leaving home, shopping online, demonstrating a house interior or using educational simulators - technology brings everyday activities from reality to virtual dimensions.

How it works?


VR devices create life-sized virtual 3D environments without any limits and boundaries that seem to be typical while watching TV or working with a computer. Depending on what direction you look in, the screen positioned in front of your face follows you.


Videos are fed into a VR headset from a PC or a smartphone. VR devices usually use either two channels sent to one screen or two LCDs at the same time, one for each of the eyes. There is also lenses that are located between your eyes and the pixels. Those lenses focus and transform the videos for each of the eyes and create a stereoscopic 3D video, flipping two 2D-videos and creating an imitation of the third dimension this way.


The so-called immersion effect is something that is treated with special attention when developing VR-applications. It is expressed in how natural they feel as well as physical reactions of a person immersed in a virtual environment (for example, increase in heart rate while experiencing extreme situations).


Classic Furniture Pack (Unity 5 interior showreel)


House Unity 5


Unity 5 Interior lighting

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