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Travel and hospitality application development

In the conditions of competition in the travel market it is important to use all of the possible advantages that technology brings. Mobile and web apps, management and automation systems help to effectively process incoming requests, control the work of the managers and widen the client base. We have gathered enough experience in the travel and hospitality fields to provide you with an efficient sales growth tool.

What business management tools do you get?

  • Dashboards for management
  • Ability to upload personal (designer or special) room categories
  • Management of admin access levels
  • Management of the hotel’s profile, description, photo, etc.
  • Ability to introduce personal (special) additional services
  • Room management
  • Price management, introducing seasonal and special offers
  • Booking management
  • Reports, dashboard and much more
  • Hotel’s shop management

What can your users do using mobile apps?

  • search for hotels on the map
  • book and pay for their stay
  • sort the search results by stars, popularity, price, location
  • view the details about a hotel or room type
  • book additional services with their room
  • personal travel dashboard
  • edit or cancel the booking
  • review the hotel
  • travel souvenir store
  • social network, interaction with other travellers
  • create their own tours and and travel guides
  • form a team for tour packages and travels

S Media Link is ready to start working with your startup from any stage of product development

Our Steps

S Media Link is a team of mobile development experts.
We have a combined 300+ years of experience developing mobile applications and websites from all different stages.

Do you already have an idea for a mobile app, game, or website?
We can work with you at any stage of your idea – from the very beginning to the finished product.
Choose a Starting Point:

I Have an Idea
We’ll analyze your competition, create a development strategy, and make prototypes.
Describe the idea
Share Your Idea
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have a Prototype
We’ll create a development strategy and conduct A/B usability testing.
Discuss Your Prototype
Discuss Your Prototype
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have a Design
We’ll develop the application code and integrate online services.
Tell Us About Your Design
Tell Us About Your Design
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have Code
We’ll test the developed code, debug everything, then publish it.
Test Your Code
Test Your Code
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have an App
We’ll promote your app, create a revenue stream, and maximize its profitability.
Share Your App
Share Your App
Any other variation?Discuss your case

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