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MVP development for startups

We have extensive experience in building MVPs (minimum viable products) for mobile and web startups. The projects we build for our clients show great results and help them attract investments. These include mobile games, social networks, lifestyle apps and security systems. The team at S Media Link will turn your business idea into a real working product.

Why build an MVP?

To test the market and evaluate its response to the business idea

To present the idea to potential investors and VCs

To conduct a research of the target audience and collect data for future development for your services.

Lots of startups think that they only need to release the final version of their product. This takes time which allows the market conditions to change significantly. That is why it is necessary to think about building an MVP — a Minimal Viable Product.

S Media Link is ready to start working with your startup from any stage of product development

Our Steps

S Media Link is a team of mobile development experts.
We have a combined 300+ years of experience developing mobile applications and websites from all different stages.

Do you already have an idea for a mobile app, game, or website?
We can work with you at any stage of your idea – from the very beginning to the finished product.
Choose a Starting Point:

I Have an Idea
We’ll analyze your competition, create a development strategy, and make prototypes.
Describe the idea
Share Your Idea
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have a Prototype
We’ll create a development strategy and conduct A/B usability testing.
Discuss Your Prototype
Discuss Your Prototype
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have a Design
We’ll develop the application code and integrate online services.
Tell Us About Your Design
Tell Us About Your Design
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have Code
We’ll test the developed code, debug everything, then publish it.
Test Your Code
Test Your Code
Any other variation?Discuss your case
I Have an App
We’ll promote your app, create a revenue stream, and maximize its profitability.
Share Your App
Share Your App
Any other variation?Discuss your case

What happens when you don’t have an MVP

A recent study that analysed 3 thousand of the most quickly growing startups has shown that 74% of failures of these projects was connected to scaling at early stages. To put it simply, the costs of retaining new customers exceeded the revenues they brought. One of the key reasons to this is poor knowledge of the target audience’s needs. Building an MVP helps to prevent this, because it can adjust the startup’s initial vision of their target audience.

We know that there is lots of questions together with an unclear vision of the direction to take at the idea stage of any startup. We have plenty of experience in the field, that’s why do not hesitate to ask us questions.

Request for proposal

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What happens after sending the request:
call you back – gather data – do research – present the project – start.
Answer back immediately. Proposal takes few days.
Personal imposition or Skype conferences are compulsory.