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Build a one-tap mobile game for iOS and Android


Zodiac mobile game

Simplicity of the game mechanics lets the players concentrate on the game experience and not remembering combinations of buttons and actions. The game can be played with just one hand which makes it great to play on-the-go. Zodiac is built for people who are used to finishing what they’ve started and always get what they want.

Dozens of unique planets, obstacles and spaceships;
Ability to record your walkthroughs;
Game monetization system;
Helping boosters that users can buy using earned crystals

The Storyline

Zodiac is a space arcade or mobile devices that can be played with one hand. Zikko is a small alien who is the main character of the game. His goal is to save the citizens of his freezing planet Winteria. He has built a spaceship for that and set into outer space to find a new planet suitable for living. The players are going deep into cold space to collect Zodiac and find a way to a new home for Zikko’s people.

In game design, you often need to be cunning in how to merge layers to get rid of unnecessary transparency, which creates excess weight of the application, how to make this or that animation with less number of frames, or completely replace the frame animation with sprites usage with an engine-based animation.


Evgenia Lohonina



Over 20 levels and millions of zodiacs


Easy to play!


Improve skills and go top of the rate


Each is unique!

Developing with Unity

The Unity engine can be used to create both 3D projects and 2D games for mobile platforms. With Unity, developers can create games for a broad range of devices simultaneously, significantly reducing development times. Working with Unity, our team was able to create a mobile game for iOS and Android that had fantastic graphics without dragging down smartphone or tablet performance.


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