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Watermania mobile app development

Using the Watermania application, you can easily keep track of your water balance and what you drink every day. After all, water is not the only beverage we consume. How much coffee do you drink every month? What is the percentage of soda in your liquid intake? Our application will answer these questions and more.

Watermania mockups

To create an application based on studied data and scientific experiments, and to develop a convenient interface and functionality.


Data input can be realised in two ways:

Standard – quickly touching an element and entering the water volume through the keyboard.

Fancy – when holding a finger on the chosen element, 9 types of liquids transfer to 9 most commonly used volume values. Easily drag&drop liquid icon to water volume.

  • A simple and minimalist design.
  • The ability to control not only your water balance, but also all consumed beverages.
  • An interactive indicator of liquid consumption versus the recommended daily intake.
  • Automatic calculation of the recommended daily liquid intake based on individual parameters.
Watermania input method screen
Watermania subscription screen
Watermania country choice screen
Watermania contact form screen
A fast data input method
Colorful and dynamic reports with
export to email option
Intelligent calculation
of consumption rate
Detailed specification
of daily activity
Watermaina writing

Your daily drink tracker.

«The best of its kind»

An excellent app with a well-done, beautiful, and convenient design. It is very easy to use! It would be great if the app allowed you to input alcohol and consequently deducted the amount of liquid lost.

«A most convenient app!»

A fantastic app. I tried three apps simultaneously, and this one suits me best. The reminder notifications are very convenient, and in general the app contains everything you need. I definitely recommend downloading it!

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