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SpyRemover Pro application development

A desktop application that detects and deletes unwanted ads, viruses, malware software and spy scripts

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The task:

create an application that would protect the computer from ads and viruses.

Real-time virus protection
Easy-to-use interface
Low usage of resource
  • high loading speed
  • antivirus bases are always up-to-date
  • scam software protection
  • increases the productivity of your PC
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Fast scans of all the computer’s sections that might contain malicious code
spy-remover скриншот
Ability to ask a question in a live chat

Protection and security

SpyRemover Pro blocks viruses as well as spy, malware and ad software. This means that your computer’s security is never threatened. Premium users receive constant data base updates for the most effective protection against the newest viruses.

While developing this project one of the main tasks for us was the ability to use the application for the least tech-savvy users. That is why we paid a lot of attention to the UI and UX in order to make the antivirus as user-friendly as possible.


George Kiriy
Project manager

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