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Next generation antivirus with several protection levels that does not slow down your computer and updates based on a two-million user base.

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The task:

create an antivirus that works using cloud services

  • blocking dangerous websites and malicious code
  • virus’ signatures are stored on a cloud server
  • easy-to-use console for corporate use
  • sleek and intuitive interface
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Virus bases are updated based on millions of users’ reports
perisai скриншот
80% faster virus detection than competitors

Most antiviruses protect your computer, search for malware code and prevent its installation to the hard drive performing the scans locally on the PC. PERISAI Internet Security does this using a cloud data center, taking the load off the PC’s processor.

This was a difficult project that involved using a cloud based technology. We put a lot of effort in its implementation and used the most modern technologies. I am sure that this is the best solution for both personal and corporate users.


George Kiriy
Project manager


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