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Mobile application development Merkurato

A social-powered app that helps users find nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, and other dining options. Users can leave ratings and reviews, share impressions, and follow updates from others.

мокапы Merkurato

Develop a multifunctional mobile app with Yelp-like features.

Фича Merkurato
  • Customize search using geographic location, tags, and other data.
  • Explore the best dining options in your city.
  • Add your own reviews and feedback.
Sophisticated system directory
Valuable business information displayed clearly on one single screen
View previous reviews from each user
Created subscription system so users could follow their favorite reviewers

The key goal of this project was to display accurate information for nearby restaurants, bars, and other establishments based on existing data in Google Maps. To do this, we used getDouble function in GeoPoint to extract database coordinates, then converted everything into a search-friendly format.


Maxim Tischenko
Project manager

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