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To create a mobile fantasy game similar to “Tower Defense”.


King of Bugs

Upon entering the game, the player is thrown into a colorful kingdom ruled by bugs. Your goal is to help the Ant King Charles and his brave soldiers secure a new home for their people. As players explore their new world, they encounter enemies at every corner. Fortunately, friends and companions are always nearby to help the player move forward. Players must explore three locations and defeat three bosses to beat King of Bugs.

Key features implemented into the game included bug upgrading, armor improvements, weapon procurement, tower defense and upgrading, tactical decision-making, and more. These features were tied together with a colorful design, an engaging storyline, and charming music.

Developing a mobile game for iOS and Android meant solving a number of problems. We created sound effects, background music, promotional materials and advertising, for example. We also solved problems related to texts and localization, videos and technical issues, code optimization, server and statistics configuration, monetization, and more.

King of Bugs was released on June 26, 2015. It currently has a 4 star rating on the iTunes app store.

Beautiful soundtrack
Colorful game art, memorable plots and characters
Developed with the Unity game engine

Developing with Unity

The Unity engine can be used to create both 3D projects and 2D games for mobile platforms. With Unity, developers can create games for a broad range of devices simultaneously, significantly reducing development times. Working with Unity, our team was able to create a mobile game for iOS and Android that had fantastic graphics without dragging down smartphone or tablet performance.

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Developing King of Bugs allowed me to meet and work with some of the most talented people in our industry, each of whom provided me with a unique creative and managerial experience. I learned many new and exciting things in a genre I was initially unfamiliar with. Now, I can apply these skills to my next project and share my experience with those willing to learn from me.

Dmitriy Grigorenko
Game Development
Project Leader

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