Portfolio and examples of mobile and web development projects

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An Android application for finding car washes


A mobile application for managing election campaigns

Accountability office

A virtual fitting room for a shopping mall

Mega Virtual Stylist

Custom Keyboard for iOS devices

Custom Keyboard

Hotel management system


VPN service for safe and anonymous web surfing on Mac OS X

Hide Me VPN

Surfshare website development


A desktop application for blocking ads, viruses and spy scripts

SpyRemover Pro

A website for a Krasnodar garbage collecting company

«Ulibnis chistomu gorodu» website development

Next generation antivirus with several protection levels


A «Things to Do» app for the Eagle Chamber of Commerce featuring travel itineraries

Explore Eagle

Informative personal website for the renowned Houston-based photographer

Victoria Asinovsky

Social network for buyers, sellers and agents in the real estate market

Property Circles

Modern and user-friendly application that keeps users up-to-date with all university events


User-friendly website for the MAZ automotive dealer in the city of Perm


iOS/Android app that allows users to securely browse the internet for free

VPN Asia

Adult entertainment application for Android devices

Fapp 18+

Multiplatform application based on the client’s design, meant for the printing house’s customers

Apple Juice

This application provides access to servers and data from different countries

VPN Secure

Application for safe and anonymous Internet access with a free trial

Secure Tunnel

User-friendly application that lets anyone print photos from Instagram


Application for anonymous, secure, and convenient web surfing


An advertisement portal for buying, selling and renting apartments, houses, land, and commercial properties


Mobile fantasy game similar to «Tower Defense»

King of Bugs

An application that monitors the water balance in the body


This is just a fraction of all the works that we have done. Take a look at more than 20 projects built at S Media Link in a PDF-document.
We’re sure you will find something you like!