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The Beginning

Boris Sabotovich

We spent a long time considering the idea before finally making the decision to start writing articles for our blog. No one in our company was a blogger or pretended to be one. We saw no need in producing blog posts. And if we were to write, what would we write about? What can we bring into a world already full of written content? After all, we don’t believe in copying and pasting. At one point, we realized that we have accumulated enough experience to be able to share it. In this short post from me as a CEO, I will reply to following questions.



Our company is growing, and growing fast. And will grow even faster in the foreseeable future. Every day, we soak in a great deal of information used to solve our and our clients’ tasks: sources include online blogs and articles, useful literature, various Wikis, case studies, and code samples. We have decided that taking isn’t enough. We want to equally give our knowledge and skill to people working in similar fields to us—to share with the world, helping others turn their dreams into reality, just as those who have helped us to this day. With the growth of our company comes our personal development as specialists and experts in our various fields. Our programmers conquer new frontiers and horizons of modern programming languages. Others work hard to perfect their sales skills and improve their work with clients. Meanwhile, I also do my best not to lag behind as manager, trying to set a great example to my colleagues. EY3G0053F

At one point, we realized that we have accumulated enough experience to be able to share it

What about?

Our aim is to write about different topics that our teammates specialise in. For example, I will write about HR and people management within the company, curious incidents with clients, as well as useful and practical cases for beginner entrepreneurs. Our project managers will write about specific technical situations in their offices, about SCRUM and AGILE, or about deadlines and interconnectedness. Our technical experts will babble about their developments and successfully integrated practical solutions in different mobile and web development projects. Our designers will write about the specifics of using and developing UX and UI, as well as about current trends within the field.

In conclusion

I would like to end this post with a quote about knowledge by Denis Diderot:

A clever man is defined by the knowledge of how things should be; an experienced man is defined by the knowledge of how things really are; however, a genius is defined by the knowledge of how to improve them.
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