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Starting the new year, we summarize the previous one

Julia Ephimova

The beginning of 2016 is a great occasion to summarize the past year and mention what we remembered the most. Despite a high inflation rates, migration crisis, strained foreign relations, sanctions and a chronic shortage of Parmesan cheese, for our company S Media Link it turned out to be an incredibly intense year, that was marked by many interesting, exciting and challenging events. We have doubled in size, and now we are the team of fifty strong and brave professionals!

We participated in many IT-oriented events as guests and organizers, we were also invited as experts to the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, held in Moscow. Together with Unity Russia, we held the conference of developers and game designers with more than 200 participants and proved to everyone that our home region Krasnodar is well known not only for its beautiful nature but also as a place where live, study, get mature young programmers with glowing eyes. They are ready for new projects, bringing all their talent and passion to the best ideas realization. Moreover, this event became the first meeting of a Unity User Group in the region and initiated the creating of the Unity community on the south of Russia. We keep on creating comfortable facilities for professional growth and development of our employees. They constantly become IT- gurus and Rockstar Project Managers thanks to the extended electronic resources of the company and a unique professional library. We have implemented a new system of Project Management and time accounting, also improved certification of personnel and now successfully integrating the mentor system. Our company provides corporate English courses for those, who want to expand their language level, and special training courses «Hours of Development» aimed to teach programmers the newest technologies in the web/mobile development so that they can grow as professionals as well.


Referring to our job wins, we shall not skip the achievements of out design studio – DruidsDesign. We have defined purposes and the preferred level of quality for striving in the next year. Furthermore, we have reviewed hundreds of resumes and interviewed dozens of designers for final selecting best of the best, rising totally in four (!!!!) times. In addition to this, we have found a common language with our developers and set the rules of interaction in the company. Our great guys have been at conferences in Krasnodar and St. Petersburg, they have read thousands of pages of professional literature, counted millions of pixels and well played with fonts, too. And won. We proved once again that we are a solid team, and each of us would always be ready to sacrifice sleep – even more than that! – for giving a hand to a colleague in difficult times, and accumulate force as one unit, reach set goals and complete a premium product at any price. The significant example of a such a challenging project was Mega Virtual Stylist (an online dressing room). This year we have efficiently completed over 70 projects, and our game King of Bugs was personally noticed by Apple Inc. breaking the tops on the main page of the AppStore.

We set ambitious goals and accomplish them, we grow and develop in progress. Well, like every other company, we have had our ups and downs, yet we never stopped to move on, we are moving forward and have no plans to give up! We wish to become even bigger and stronger. However, we realize that our most valuable working engine is our team. We are exceedingly thankful for making them gain what we have now. And again, we want to thank our guys, they are the best! Let’s hit 2016 and create magic together – even brighter that it was a year ago!

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