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Learning English at S Media Link

Maria Chernovaryan

The greatest value in our team comes from our people—our strategic human resource. With this in mind, we do our best to maximally inspire our colleagues to constantly improve their level of education through new goals and challenges. After all, that is how we grow! And growth must progress in every direction!

At S Media Link, we love and know how to work with international clients. Thus, in order to improve the quality of our intercommunication, to expand our worldviews, and to promote the creation of new, sturdy networks of neurons within the priceless brains of our employees, we have recently launched corporate English classes offered within the company. En1111g-lesson-pre-i_Fotor The classes are taught 4 times a week in a specially created educational zone within our office grounds by the trendy, youthful, and super professional Alyona. We trust in our people and believe that our long-term investment into their education is the optimal method to remaining one of the best development teams and to continually forge ahead!

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