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Mobile game development

Building mobile games of any complexity. We prepare the prototype, perform character design, write the code, analyze and launch a ready product to the market.

Why us?

Why 145 companies in 23 countries around the world have chosen us

  • Concept and prototypeConcept and prototype
  • Soft-launchSoft-launch
  • Hard-launchHard-launch
  • Promotion and supportPromotion and support

Concept and prototype

We create the prototype and document the concept of the project: describe the target audience, features, platforms, define our development methods, tools and technologies. When trends and the situation on the market is analyzed, we figure out way to monetize the product. Then we form a team that will work on a future masterpiece.

Result — game design document that gives a full idea about the project.

The project team:

Development of a mobile game is performed be a team of professionals that consists of a project manager, game-designer, developers, UI/UX designers, 3D-artists, animators and testers. All the employees are full-time, which is key to great communications between the team members, finishing before deadlines and overall quality of work.

Average ballpark project costs


Minimum Viable
Product (MVP)


Mid-size project



Detailed game plan
Custom design and character creation

Request for proposal

Call us +1 832 993 0204 or fill in the form below.
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Контактное лицо
Vadim Streltsov
Key Account Manager

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What happens after sending the request:
call you back – gather data – do research – present the project – start.
Answer back immediately. Proposal takes few days.
Personal imposition or Skype conferences are compulsory.