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Why development, discipline and growth rate always win

Boris Sabotovich

The foundation of every company consists of its values and principles. The most important principles of our company are honesty and growth. The main asset of the company is its people, and the company’s development largely depends on the personal growth of each and every one of them. Meanwhile, the management’s job is to find solutions to the following four problems:

  1. Provide maximally comfortable conditions for the growth and development of their employees.
  2. Hire only those who see the company as an opportunity to quickly gain and share knowledge, as well as those who value openness in relationships and flexibility.
  3. Be able to find the “magic key” to every employee, and to understand the best ways in which each one can contribute to our company’s goals through reaching their own.
  4. Bid farewell to those who are not ready to study new material or gain new skill sets, those who have stopped growing and are not enjoying their work.


Two approaches to a company’s development

In modern business, there are two approaches to the development of a successful company. This topic is discussed in a book by Dr. Ichak Adizes named “Corporate Lifecycles”. Personally, I have the following interpretation:

  • Companies that choose growth to be a main process for the completion of their goals. In these companies, growth is accompanied by the success factor, which requires a high quality product or service, streamlined performance, and flexibility.
  • Companies that believe growth and development to be a by-product and an indicator of the demand for their product or service on the market. That is, a business that begins to grow only when facing excess demand for its product/service, until that demand is met.


The growth of a company is achieved only through personal growth of each one of us

The development of any service organization cannot happen without the development of their people. People nurtured in the atmosphere of constant growth will not be able to sit still and will easily overtake even the most experienced and “stable” workers, who may have seemed far beyond their reach just a year and a half ago. Such people love to surmount obstacles and receive great enjoyment gaining experience from nonstandard problems. They view projects that require the use of known skills boring and limited. Such energetic people are fun and great at generating ideas. Fast growth attracts such proactive people who, in turn, direct our company to new horizons. All in all, the main winner is the client, as they receive a high quality product that fits the latest trends and therefore feel reassured that the team can complete even the most ambitious tasks.

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