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Android app development

Do you want to make an app that will reach the biggest audience? Android is the choice for you. S Media Link will build a mobile app that will help you win over your users’ hearts and attain the goals of your business.


The biggest social network for the international biker community. The project received over $1 000 000 investment from BMW.

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A mobile app for Ravon car company – the official sponsor of the Russian national football team.

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Philip Morris

A business automation tool for a leading tobacco company. The app provides up-to-date information to the corporate drivers.

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Equis Financial

Design for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S.

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The first decentralized messenger in the world, based on neural networks with an AI chat feature.


A messenger for business communications.


A mobile app which analyzes the sound of motor devices and displays their current state.

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Our portfolio

Number of screens

The bigger functionality you want to have in the app, the more screens you will need to develop and design.

Design complexity

The volume and complexity of work determine the design cost. Depending on the style you prefer, we can make a minimalistic design or create custom illustrations and animations to make your app stand out.

Third-party services integration

Integrating third-party APIs enables you to embed maps, payment systems, social networks and many other services in your application without the need to develop them from scratch.


You can expand your chat functionality and adjust it to your needs by adding various features: online/offline mode, audio/video message recording, deleting/editing messages, etc.


Streaming is on-demand live delivering of audio and video information, which can be used for different purposes from live video chats to educational webinars. It is a complex feature, that needs specific server preparation.

High load server

A high load server ensures stable work of the system with a large number of users simultaneously using the application.


An interactive feature that allows users to give and receive rates and leave comments.

Advanced administration panel

It is an admin board with extended functionality, which includes analytics, reporting, payment control and other options.

Low-level programming

It is applied to allow the app to interact with the hardware part of a smartphone (accelerometers, GPS, sensors, etc.). For example, an app that counts the steps of the user.

S Media Link – building Android applications of any complexity

Our team of professionals will help you implement any idea:

Entertainment applications (music players, games, etc.)

Health and fitness apps

E-commerce mobile solutions

Social networks

Banking and finance applications

Electronic libraries

How we work








We start Android app development with setting goals, defining the target audience and analyzing the competitors. We help to identify the main competitive advantages of the future application and choose the optimum monetization model if necessary.


Mobile app development begins with outlining the key features and the main application functionality. We will create a prototype with the main screens so that you will be able to see how the app works before the development phase.


We set the style, meticulously draw the design elements and components for each screen to create a beautiful and intuitive interface that matches your preferences.


We build Android apps both in Java and Kotlin languages, applying the latest development technologies. The Agile approach that we use in the implementation process enables us to be flexible and modify the product if required.


We pay particular attention to the quality of our software products – the QA specialists test the application at every development stage and developers fix arising bugs in a timely manner.


The code is changing with the infrastructure and systems where it exists. We offer support services after the app release and keep it up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Result – a complete strategy for the app design and development.
Result – a detailed interactive app prototype.
Result – detailed design mockups.
Result – the program code of the Android app.
Result – bug and error free application.
Result – a stable and smoothly functioning app.

Why opt for Android mobile app development

Android OS supports over 24 000 various electronic devices.

The Android market share in 2018 is expected to reach over 85%.

More than 2 billion people use Android devices daily.

90 billion Android applications are downloaded every year.


Developing mobile software products is a gradual, complicated process. We prepared the most frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to understand how mobile app development works. If you have any further questions or would like to tell us about your project, сall us: +1 833 933 0204


How do you protect the confidentiality of the app idea until its release?

We sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each customer to ensure the confidentiality of their ideas.


What is the payment procedure?

At the beginning, we plan the stages of the Android app development with the client. Prior to the first stage, the customer makes an advanced payment (usually for two weeks ahead) and then pays at the end of each step.


Do you only implement projects from scratch or can you help me finish the app if I have design or part of the app ready?

We can jump to your project at any development stage. If you already have the design made, we will build the application for you and if you have your team of developers, we will only create the design.
In case, you have a partially developed product, we will review the code and continue its implementation.
If your project is complete, our QA team can conduct all sorts of tests and fix the bugs.


Are your developers in-house employees or remote workers (subcontracted freelancers)?

All our 100+ employees are working in our office and are employed according to the labor legislation. You can visit us, meet the developers in person and see our work in real time.


Can you explain in detail the development process in your company?

During the first stage, we make design mockups which serve as a basis for further app development. To make the implementation flexible, we use such development approaches as Agile and SCRUM – under these methods the development process is divided into short sprints. Our stack for Android app development is Java and Kotlin for the user part; Node.js, Python and Go – for the server side. We also apply IaaS and PaaS cloud services. We prioritize the quality of our products, so we write Unit-tests and test the app at every stage of development.


How can I control the development process from my side?

You can control the quality and timing of the project remotely. We will provide you an online-access to the project management system, where you will be able to see the progress on the ongoing tasks. You will also have an opportunity to check the developers’ work through the time-tracker – a system which automatically takes a screenshot of the desktop every 10 minutes.


I don’t want to control the development process and don’t know anything about SCRUM, how can I track the progress of my project?

In this case, our Project Management team will take the full control over the implementation process and report on the results.

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